We are more than just the person we see standing in the mirror. Our physical self is also complimented by our thoughts and feelings, as well as, our inner self at both the conscious and unconscious level. Yoga is all about the connection between the mind, body and spirit. As we begin to embrace the practice of yoga, it becomes something we do continuously whether we are in asana (physical poses) or not. Yoga is more than just exercise or a physical release. Yoga builds the prana or breath in the body to bring in new life. It calls upon spirituality in whatever form the student wishes and invites it to once again be part of growth and intent. It asks the mind to release control for a while in order to better receive information back from the body and the spirit so that balance or union can take place continually.

Through a consistent yoga practice, you will find:

  • A calmer nervous system allows you to cope with difficulties more easily

  • A stronger body using your own body to build strength

  • A better circulatory system for overall body health

  • A deeper breathing pattern for overall wellness and peacefulness

  • A clearer thought pattern to help focus and concentration

  • A sense of belonging and peace that comes from being happy with where you are today

  • Strategies to turn to when life does not go as planned


Classes are limited to just 4 people which means you receive a very personalized class. Private classes are available as well. All classes have a warm up, asana based practice (movement), restorative yoga and savasana (final relaxation pose). All meditation/yoga classes and basic yoga classes would suit the most basic beginner or anyone wanting a less intense yoga practice. Moderate classes have some vigorous or challenging poses but are still well suited to most students.