Akashic Records

The Akashic Records can be thought of as the story of souls or the book of life. As we have all moved through lifetime after lifetime, our book has received new pages for each one of these lifetimes. During each lifetime, we have had lessons to learn and have had new experiences. These may have been pleasant, while some have been more difficult. Sometimes, we carry these moments or situations from other lifetimes into our present experience. Through the Akashic Records, there is an opportunity to clear lingering issues, heal relationships, discover the reasoning behind health issues and release behavioural patterns. The truth about a person’s soul mission can be learned, as well as, how best to live this life from a soul perspective. This is not a psychic reading but rather a tapping into the truth of the soul’s energy. Sometimes a seemingly superficial problem has a deeper lesson or truth behind it. From here information can be drawn out and connections can be made in order to clear out old beliefs, attachments or hurts. Creating a series of questions before coming can be helpful.

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration and take place seated in a chair.