Depression and Anxiety


Emotions can help us or hurt us physically. Living with heavy energies in or around the body is hard. It becomes more difficult to function day to day because the thought of the performing everyday activities can seem as momentous as climbing the Great Pyramids. One way to find your way out of this heaviness is through a personal practice of yoga and meditation. I do not mean a full blown workout. Yoga is so much more than that. Yoga, breath work and meditation will help lighten your whole self. It is only through lightening the heaviness in the mind, body and human spirit that we can return to balance.

Start slowly. It can be as simple as nurturing the body with good food while you mindfully enjoy each morsel or try taking a few minutes several times a day to breathe deeply to slow down the nervous system. One of my favourite ways to nurture the body is by allowing your body to truly relax, bit by bit during a guided progressive relaxation meditation. Even the most anxious person can do this type of meditation as it gives both the mind and body something to do while relaxing. It is a great place to begin. The more you practice, the better you become at anything, including yoga and meditation. 

We do not have to stay in chronic stress, we only have to allow peace of the heart to intercede and it will take care of the rest. Begin with the things you can control. Begin with your breath, move it into your heart and live from this place.