Crystal Therapy

Crystals or gemstones have a remarkable way of enhancing and clearing the body’s energy system.  Each crystal has a unique vibrational resonance that can restore balance in a very specific way. They can help to clear energy blockages along the meridians, which are the energy pathways within the body. When energy is stifled or builds up, it can create mental, emotional or physical discomfort and disease. The energy of crystals is not felt like electricity, rather it is a subtle energy that may not be felt at all or may be felt as a gentle tingle, heat or coolness.

In a Crystal Therapy session, there is a rebalancing and restoring of energy and a realigning of the energy centres (chakras) and pathways (meridians) of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. While the client relaxes, one or more set of a series of stones will be placed on or around your physical body while the energy is balanced through the vibrational resonance of the crystals.

During a 60 minute Crystal Therapy session, the client will relax while laying on the treatment table. The client remains fully clothed.