Energy Work

Energy work is a complementary  therapy to a person’s regular health care routine. There are several ways energy healing can be handled. We use both Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. Working with the practitioner's intent, a universal connection and a barely hands on approach, the client will receive the energy being sent. The client will only receive the amount of energy which they can reasonably take on and it will be directed where it needs to go within the body through hand placement, as well as the through client's intent. The client does not have to believe in energy therapy for it to work. The subconscious is responsible for how the energy is received, whether the conscious mind is aware or not.

Reiki is a hands on healing method that channels universal energy through a practitioner and out through their hands. It then moves into the client's body or aura. There is no muscle manipulation, like massage. As the client receives this energy, it will flow to where it is most needed. Sometimes results are noticed right away. Other times, results will be noticed as the reiki continues to work within the client’s body, hours after the treatment.

Integrated Energy Therapy is similar to reiki, however, it connects the practitioner with a different level of energy vibration and the hand positions are more precise and structured.

Sessions are private and are 60 minutes in duration with a short summation at  the end. The client remains fully clothed.