Through Meditation, we can discover the space between our thoughts. We become a listener where the only intent is to be in the present moment. Meditation allows a person to be part of their healing journey as it brings them front and centre in their own life. By releasing past heartaches and mistakes or future worries, for a few moments, life becomes solely about the present. There is comfort in the present moment, in our ability to be a witness to our breath and ourselves through wholeness. Creating a meditation practice can be very challenging. It is only through practice that we can let our thoughts and worries go. It is the clearing out of cobwebs in the mind during meditation that allows us to see clearly when not in meditation. All of life can begin to seem somewhat orderly and intentional when we can see the world with a meditative mind. Learning to become comfortable with meditation is something we can all do to enhance our lives on this journey.

Meditation and Gentle Yoga Classes include 15 to 20 minute meditation, 5 minute breath work, 35 to 40 minutes of gentle yoga, 5 minutes of restorative yoga and 5 minutes of savasana (final relaxation pose).